Our Storage facilities

In 1979, the Malawian government embarked on a significant infrastructure project, culminating in the construction of cutting-edge concrete silos at Kanengo, Lilongwe. These facilities, designed with a substantial capacity of 180,000 metric tonnes, marked a pivotal advancement in grain storage solutions.

A Hub of Grain Storage

To this day, Kanengo’s silos stand as Malawi’s largest aggregation, numbering forty-eight. Complementing these silos, the Kanengo Complex is equipped with versatile multipurpose warehouses, each boasting a capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes, further solidifying its role as a central hub for grain storage.

Strategic Expansion for Food Security

Recognizing the critical importance of bolstering national food security, the Malawian government initiated a strategic expansion of silo storage facilities across the nation. This initiative led to the establishment of three state-of-the-art storage facilities, each with a 20,000 metric tonnes capacity. These were strategically located to serve diverse regions: Mangochi in the East was inaugurated on 5th September 2007, Luchenza in Thyolo, Southern region, followed on 14th July 2010, and Mzuzu in Mzimba, Northern region, completed the trio on 22nd January 2011.

A Commitment to Agricultural Excellence

These developments underscore the government’s steadfast commitment to enhancing agricultural infrastructure, ensuring food security, and supporting the nation’s agricultural sector through modern, efficient storage solutions.

National Food Reserve Agency

Adequate Reserves for Malawi

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