Tikugula chimanga ku misika yathu yonse pa mtengo wa K750 per kg. | We have started buying maize in all our depots at K750 per kg
Tikugula chimanga ku misika yathu yonse pa mtengo wa K750 per kg. | We have started buying maize in all our depots at K750 per kg

Strengthening Malawi’s Food Reserves

Established in 1999, NFRA is dedicated to managing Malawi’s strategic grain reserves for food security.

Ensuring Stock Availability

NFRA ensures rapid access to grain stocks for emergency relief, safeguarding communities in times of crisis.

Empowering Market Growth

Contributing to private sector development through quality control training and market interventions.

Diverse Solutions for Stock Management

Providing fumigation, weighbridge, storage, and moisture content testing services

Fumigation Services

Effective pest control

Weighbridge Services

Accurate weighing solutions

Storage Space for Lease

Secure and accessible storage

About NFRA

Established by the Government of Malawi in June 1999 and incorporated as a Trust, the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) plays a pivotal role in managing the nation’s Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR). With a mandate revised in 2000 to include price stabilization and oversight of stock importation and exportation, NFRA stands at the forefront of ensuring food security. By maintaining physical grain stocks and necessary funds, NFRA is a crucial entity in mitigating the effects of market failures and securing national stock requirements. As a key player in addressing food insecurity and providing emergency relief, NFRA is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of Malawi’s population.

Our Mandate, Vision, and Mission

Mandate: “To manage and maintain the Strategic Food Reserve, ensuring readiness through physical food stocks and funds to counteract market failures and satisfy national food requirements.”

Vision: “To be a reliable and sustainable Strategic Food Reserve for the nation.”

Mission: “To manage strategic food reserves with the highest standards of quality and efficiency for the Malawi nation.”

Our Core Values

Integrity: Adherence to moral and ethical values.

Teamwork: Collaborative effort to achieve shared goals.

Professionalism: Commitment to standards and excellence.

Transparency and Accountability: Visible, predictable, and responsible actions.

Creativity and Innovation: Harnessing original ideas for progressive solutions.

Our Latest News

National Food Reserve Agency

Adequate Reserves for Malawi

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