NFRA: Pioneering Progress and Future Growth

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) is proud to announce the successful completion of a dynamic performance review and planning meeting. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey, celebrating our achievements and laying the groundwork for continued success.

Celebrating Key Successes

In the past financial year, the NFRA has reached several remarkable milestones:

  1. Maize Procurement: Achieved 100% of our targeted grain reserves, ensuring robust food security.
  2. Quality Preservation: Maintained top-quality food supplies with grain loss well within acceptable international standards.
  3. Efficient Dispatch: Ensured prompt and efficient release of maize reserves when needed.
  4. Human Capital Development: Provided both short-term and long-term training to NFRA members, significantly enhancing operational capabilities.
  5. Budget Excellence: Operated successfully within budget constraints, optimizing resources while steadfastly pursuing our mission.
  6. Technology Advancements: Implemented upgrades to our systems and improved the staff-to-computer ratio, fostering a more efficient work environment.

Memorable Milestones

  • Strategic Plan Launch: Unveiled a bold nine-year vision focusing on infrastructure improvement, financial management, resource mobilization, human capital development, governance, stakeholder engagement, and internal processes.
  • MOU with WFP: Strengthened our partnership with the World Food Programme, enhancing our capacity to combat food insecurity and respond to emergencies with greater efficiency.

Targeting Areas for Improvement

While we take pride in our accomplishments, we have also pinpointed key areas for growth:

  • Infrastructure: Committing to the upgrade of our facilities to bolster operations.
  • Technology: Embracing innovative solutions to drive operational efficiency.
  • Human Capacity: Investing in the further development of our workforce.
  • Resource Mobilization: Exploring new avenues for revenue generation.

Strategic Focus for the 2024/2025 Financial Year

As we look to the future, our strategic priorities are set:

  • Strategic Food Reserve and Infrastructure Development: Strengthening our core operations to ensure continued food security.
  • Financial Management and Resource Mobilization: Enhancing our financial strategies to support our growth and mission.
  • Human Capital Development: Focusing on the continuous improvement of our team’s skills and capabilities.
  • Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, and Internal Processes: Building stronger relationships and refining our internal operations for greater impact.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, the NFRA is well-positioned to build upon our past successes, tackle our challenges head-on, and steadfastly safeguard the nation’s food security.

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